In the promising landscape of West Africa's marginal oil and gas fields, Amplus VGE—a strategic joint venture between Amplus Energy and Nigeria's Versatile Group (VG Energy)—is collaborating with Norway's Carbon Circle to pioneer innovative solutions. This partnership is set to streamline field development processes, emphasizing local engagement, facilitated by Amplus VGE's new office in Abuja, Nigeria.

Leveraging Carbon Circle's carbon capture technology, the partnership aims to enhance both production efficiency and environmental sustainability, offering comprehensive solutions to field owners. Amplus VGE's investments extend to floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) operations, including an innovative project that integrates a Carbon Circle Post-Combustion Carbon Capture pilot plant offshore.

This ambitious joint venture highlights a commitment to innovation in West Africa's oil and gas sector. As Aslak Hjelde, CEO of Carbon Circle, notes, the collaboration significantly expands Carbon Circle’s operational footprint in the region, introducing cutting-edge solutions that meet contemporary energy challenges.

Supported by VG Energy's regional expertise, the venture is well-positioned to catalyze sustainable growth and resource utilization in West Africa. Mohammed Baba Shehu, Chairman and CEO of VG Energy, is confident in the venture’s strategy to unlock the region's full potential through innovative and collaborative approaches. "Our combined expertise and innovative technologies pave the way for substantial advancements in the local energy sector" says Shehu.

As the industry navigates future challenges, this partnership stands as a testament to the innovative and progressive spirit in West Africa’s energy sector, positioned to promote significant advancements and opportunities.

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