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Insights Hub

A vibrant platform for informed conversation and discussion.

On the latest investor hot spots, shared experiences and stories and sound advice relating to energy investments in emerging markets.



Country-focused summits

Use the Energy Circle summits as an opportunity to connect with the local communities.

VIP receptions

Connect with the local communities.


Local Chapters

Delivery by industry leaders and experts

Touch upon the hottest topics & be educated by the leaders of the energy industry on best practices and latest developments.


The Vault

A vibrant platform for informed conversation and discussion

On the latest investor hot spots, shared experiences and stories and sound advice relating to energy investments in emerging markets.


What the industry had to say about our Summits

“IN-VR will continue to be our strategic partner in ensuring that all of our licensing round activities will be implemented effectively [..] and that we will reach the right investors through the pre-emptive use of digital means."

ANPM, Timor-Leste

“IN-VR has successfully assisted SOBEH in promotion & communication, raising awareness on the current Benin energy opportunities in the national and international level, contributing in SOBEH’s brand identity.”

General Director,

“I am happy to recommend IN-VR for their excellent level of work ethics, proven results and marketing Agency for Governments, States and the Energy industry.”

Amina Benkhadra
General Director, ONHYM

"We are working with the Ministry of Energy to be able to carry out the best regulatory framework in terms of hydrogen  [..] putting us in a privileged position to carry out investments"

Martín Cerdá, Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Chubut Province

“We would recommend Mrs Tsouraki and her team as one of the most experienced B2G Summit organisers, with excellent knowledge and experience.”

Deputy Minister,
Ministry of Energy, Albania

"...Today there is a great opportunity for renewable energies, particularly because of the prices of fossil fuels such as gas, as well as setting up possibilities for the sustainable development goals"

Jujuy’s Energy Secretary,
Jujuy Province

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