The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced on Tuesday that Al-Waha Oil Company has achieved a significant milestone, with its oil production reaching 322,000 barrels per day (bpd). This marks a notable increase from the previous year's output of 280,000 bpd.

This achievement is part of NOC's strategic plan to enhance production rates across the sector. According to recent data from the Central Bank of Libya, Al-Waha Oil Company is set to lead the list of oil-producing companies in Libya for 2023. The company has produced 102.2 million barrels of oil this year, reflecting an increase of 8.5 million barrels (9%) over 2022.

The NOC's announcement underscores the ongoing efforts to boost Libya's oil production capacity and highlights Al-Waha Oil Company's pivotal role in this growth trajectory. This increase not only strengthens the company's position within the industry but also contributes significantly to the national economy.

The NOC continues to implement measures aimed at optimizing production and operational efficiency across all its subsidiaries, ensuring that Libya remains a key player in the global oil market.

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