What role does the Balkans region play in Recom Technologies’ full business portfolio?

Today Balkan energy sources are mainly derived from fossil fuel, natural gas and oil.

Recom has established a sales office and business partners in the region to support the transformation of the Balkan energy market to achieve energy sustainability, efficiency, security and reliability through the development of an integrated energy network.

What products and solutions does Recom Technologies currently offer in the Balkans region and Europe as a whole?

Solar industry’s main technological challenge is to constantly enhance and increase cells and modules efficiency. At Recom we aim to provide industry leading quality, efficiencies, and warranties so as to empower our customers around the world towards energy independence.

From the start of our company we had the following saying: If the technology exists, it’s available at Recom. And that is our strong advantage. Today we combine the benefits of our experience with the opportunities that the very latest technological innovations provide and deliver best in class products.

We have 5 different technologies available which is very unique for a manufacturer: we entered the market with Panther series developed on half-cut cell technology, then added the Jaguar Tri-Cut, following the Puma Shingled (cells cut to 6 pieces) technology, more recently Lion series of Heterojunction (HJT), and finally Lynx series with N-Type Top-Con technology. Looking ahead we are planning to move to Perovskite which holds much promise for the future of solar energy.

What differentiates us is that along with our own manufacturing facility in France and local R&D team, we invest in, and work with leading global research institutions and manufacturers to innovate, develop, share and commercialize the latest technological advances in solar module manufacturing. Our main R&D partner is the French institute CEA/INES.

In 2022 solar and wind generated more electricity than gas in the European Union; what are your thoughts about this and what can we expect in the future?

A major milestone was achieved in 2022 as wind and solar power produced more of the EU’s electricity than fossil gas for the first time. Through the turbulence of 2022 – from Ukrainian war, cutting ties with Russia, to climate change and soaring gas prices – Europe’s clean energy transition was strongly accelerated with solar dominating the renewable energy sources.

According to the annual electricity data report, solar generation rose the fastest in 2022, growing by 24%. The Netherlands is well at the top of the leaderboard, having generated 14% of its electricity from the sun. It surpassed the naturally sunnier Spain, which now follows Greece, Hungary and Cyprus to make up the top five EU countries by solar share of electricity generation. For the first time, solar generation in both the Netherlands and Greece surpassed that of coal generation.

Solar has a very important role to play as it can be deployed fast, and already makes a real difference in the current crisis. Year 2022 has been excellent for solar deployment, with a record 41GW installed being more than double what was installed in 2020. With renewables at the core of EU Plan Europe is aiming to bring over 320GW of solar photovoltaic by 2025 and almost 600GW by 2030.

With a global demand surge for solar technologies, does Recom Technologies plan on increasing or revamping its manufacturing capacity?

Recom Technologies is continuing its expansion aligning with the growth of the demand of the solar industry.

Our production capacity in 2022 was over 1.2GW and before the end of 2023 the capacity should surpass the 2GW mark, as our expansion plans become fully completed.

Currently, we are in the process of upgrading and upscaling our facility in France and establishing two new facilities in the US and Europe.

What are Recom Technologies’ main objectives in the Balkans region for the 2023-2024 period?

The Balkans region has huge potential for developing green energy. The region’s long hours of sunshine provide exceptional conditions for the solar industry sector.

International efforts to tackle the climate crisis combined with power plants that are struggling to meet demand, particularly after the disruptions related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which worsened the energy crisis, are accelerating the energy transition.

Adding to the fact that solar power is the cheapest energy source, huge savings can be made from this transition.

Recom is expanding the company’s production capacity up to 2.1GW, offering modules and inverters with leading industry technologies and efficiency outputs securing our customers’ demands.

Supply reliability, ready to deliver, high product quality, pre and after sales support and financial solidity are our strengths.

Recom secures customer supply by always maintaining products in stock at different geographic locations, thus ensuring to its clients competitive pricing with fast and timely delivery. Today we sell to more than 100 countries around the globe via an extensive partner and distribution network around the world.

About the Author: Felipe Gaitán Michelsen