Which of the 3 industrial sectors that Ausenco services is mostly demanded in Argentina, and what does Ausenco offer?

Ausenco is a company dedicated to mining industry solely, such as metalliferous ore deposit (copper, gold, silver, moly, nickel, cobalt, etc.) as so industrial salts and minerals (lithium, potash, iodine, rare earths, sodium chloride, etc.). Ausenco offers services with scope defined mine to port and business opportunity definition and evaluation, front-end loading (FEL) studies until execution, commissioning and operational phases.

What is the current demand for Ausenco’s consulting services in the Mining and Metals, specifically covering lithium mining?

Ausenco is requested by clients from due diligence studies for asset acquisition, early activities in business model identification and evaluation (opportunity framing), hydrogeology and solution mining studies, FEL studies (PEA, PFS and Feasibility Studies) plus consulting services regarding Environmental, Social and Governance (permitting), pipelines design and evaluation for brine, water, brine spent, oil and gas, finally logistic & port facilities design & evaluation. In addition to these services, Ausenco prepares and submit NI43-101 Technical Reports and JORC documentation, signed-off by it owns QPs.

What have been the lessons learnt after working in challenging regions in Argentina such as Santa Cruz?

Ausenco has worked only in northern-western area of Argentina (Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca and San Juan). It has no experience in Santa Cruz, but Ausenco in its global experience has worked in northern region of Canada, USA, Australia, Asia-Pacific, Chile and Perú at high altitude and Africa, so it has good enough experience in challenge regions with a wide range of whether, wind, snow, high altitude, jungle, mine sites far from cities, etc.

What new technologies are being incorporated by Ausenco in its processes in order to develop innovative solutions?

Talking about lithium industry, Ausenco has carried out studies and projects in hard rock, clay, mica, Salar brine, geothermal sources and evaporative sources in Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA, Chile and Argentina. In metalliferous industry, Ausenco is a leading-edge company designing first cost-effective and “fit-for-purpose” copper and gold concentrators, HPGR applications, dry milling classification, coarse particle flotation, ultrafine particles flotation, bulk ore sorting and dry-stacking tailings using different patented technologies. In hydro and biotechnologies, Ausenco has made designs in bioleaching, chloride leaching, ammonia leaching and bio-nitro leaching.

What are the main results addressed in Ausenco’s 2021 Sustainability Report?

The world is facing the reality of climate change and recognises the need to reduce carbon emissions and address environmental challenges. Ausenco’s portfolio focuses on the metals and minerals needed to decarbonise and support the energy transition, and our role is to make these resources available in a sustainable way. We provide innovative solutions that result in a reduced carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact, incorporating energy, water and process efficiencies. Our experts provide environmental planning, permitting and remediation services, indigenous community consultation processes, and mine closure and rehabilitation services. Our solutions deliver better outcomes for our employees, customers, stakeholders, communities and the planet. In 2021, we strengthened the monitoring of our ESG performance. Throughout Ausenco’s 2021 Sustainability Report you can see the company’s progress on ESG objectives and the development of Ausenco’s clear roadmap to fully achieve these objectives.

What are Ausenco’s main objectives in Argentina’s lithium industry in the short-to-medium term?

To be a relevant player in all services indicated in its commercial scope: mine to port and from early studies & consulting services to execution, commissioning and operational phases.

About the Author: Felipe Gaitán Michelsen